5E3 tweed deluxe build. I learned a lot from this build.

I started out trying to immediatly add mods to the build. I wanted a passive effects loop, master volume, and a negative feedback selection switch. Honestly other than the fx loop the other mods suck. The MV does dial out some blocking distortion but doesnt help much with volume and the feedback switch i never use. I also seperated the cathode sections of the two channels so that i could make the normal channel more of a modern channel which i have finally dialed in. I got these mod ideas from robrobinette.com

I destroyed the first power transformer trying to diagnose oscillation that ended up being caused by not removing a wire when adding the MV. Always build the amp stock before modding. Lesson learned. 

I went overboard with the head cabinet. I used Padauk, Ebony, and my favorite birds eye maple.

All in all it is a great amp. Beautiful single coil clean sounds.

I have since upgraded this to Tweedle Dee specs and It sounds pretty damn good. I still use a 12AY7 in V1 and there are a few other differences to the tweedle dee. I’ll update this next time it’s on my bench with voltages and whatnot. The Tweedle dee layout is on www.AmpGarage.com

I Used the Tweedle dee champ and tweedle dee deluxe layouts/schematics and just upgraded all of the same parts.

Beware in my documents nothing is very organized yet, use at your own discretion.